Sometimes I wonder about change.

There are the changes that we can control and those that we cannot control. There are the changes that we want and need, and there are those that we rather not have. Sometimes we see change as a blessing but other times we see it as a curse.

I know change is necessary to grow and keep life moving and that sameness means death but…

If change/chaos/rebellion is the natural order, could stagnation/stillness be the real “rebellion”?

Just contemplating things…



I have always taught of myself as someone who likes to learn about different cultures. Recently, I have noticed that I tend to incline myself to certain cultures and that I really don’t know much about them. So I decided to create this challenge in which I learn about one country a day. This way I learn a little more and whichever calls my attention I can learn even more.

Who wants to join? 🙂

Hello My Twenties (Birthday thoughts)

Disclaimer: I know the title is like the Korean drama (Hello my Twenties/Age of youth). Really good drama.

My birthday is here and there’s no use fighting it. Although it is almost done, I decided to accept it with grace. I’m not sure how to feel but I have decided to enter this new stage in my life. I will accept what my 20s bring me.

For this day I got my hair ready, painted my nails, dressed in what I felt was my nicest and comfortable clothing, put on some lipstick, and went out into the world.

I thought about what lies ahead in my life, and I thought how I will accept whatever challenges and goals come my way. I wish there was a way for me to keep these moments documented forever so that I can remember them as they are and how I felt. The only way is through my feelings, my heart, and my memories so I will make the most out of them and enjoy as much as I can.

I can say that I spent time and birthday wishes from those I consider dear. Their good energy made me have a happy birthday.

I hope that this is a time that as I get older I can look back and say, “Ah, the memories.”

I welcome you 20s – the age of youth.

Hello my 20s 🙂


Strange scary thoughts


In a couple of hours, it will be April 10 and I feel very weird about it. I will be entering my 20s and my feelings are confused. I don’t know anyone who went through this thoughts but I don’t know if to be excited or sad that I am leaving one decade behind.

It hit me last night that even though I will be more open to opportunities I will entering an unexplored part of life. It hit me that what I don’t want to let go is the experiences that are tied to being a “teen” just as I did not want to let go the experiences and feelings of being a “kid”. For me, my experiences, memories, feelings, and thoughts all form part of me and losing them and turning into something else makes me feel like I am “losing” part of me. I know it is part of growing up but as I get older I know that I will forget some things that I hold dear now… it seems strange because I am living through it but it also feels scary because I don’t want to go through this “metamorphosis”.

I don’t know how powerful the mind is but for the last month, I had a cold, a bizarre stomach flu, a sore throat, and an enlarged spleen. What does this say about me? It’s like my body wants to fight my mind and the two things don’t match. It’s like my body is telling me something about accepting what will happen but my mind wants to stay stuck in time.

Time for me is very scary because I am very conscious about it. I say it is a curse – being conscious about time.

I want to hold on to the things that I feel define my time on this planet. All of this seems strange and scary but it all came to me last night and I couldn’t sleep for a long time.

Such strange scary thoughts…

I will see how tomorrow goes.

Familiar thoughts

You know that image you have of one person? You know the feeling that you get when you hear a story and that image gets shattered? That happened to me this week.

The other day I was having a conversation with my mother. I cannot remember how or why we started talking about her side of the family but we did. As we spoke, my mother told me these stories about her mother (my grandmother), her grandmother, and her great-grandmother. Although some of the stories I had heard before, some were new. You could say that my image of these family members was changed. But what I found amusing was that the image I had of my grandmother changed.

In my mind, my grandmother had always been the same. Whenever I hear stories of other people’s grandmothers they all are sweet, “apoyadoras”, awesome cooks, and the most cuddly people out there.

Not my grandmother.

She’s the opposite of the stereotypical image of a grandmother. Con ella no se juega. Sure she has a sense of humor and is caring (in her way), but is far from the stereotypical grandma.

As my mother was telling me these stories it hit me that although my grandmother had always seemed like a tough cookie,, I remembered that she is human. Some stories I knew because my grandmother had told them to me, and others she told my mother. As I heard the stories of her youth, her adult life, motherhood, and of her life, I realized that my grandmother must have been like me at one point. She was young, she had dreams and aspirations, she had impulsive feelings, she must have felt awkward at one point, she had fights… she had had all these things and more.

I felt like I was more connected to her in those stories than in real life. Maybe now we can bond more. Who knows?

It made me wonder if these same thoughts ever came to her when she heard stories of her mother and her grandmother.

I wonder if she had these familiar thoughts.